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The Saint Jude Retreat House, The Twin Rivers Retreat

St. Jude Retreat House St. Jude Retreat House St. Jude Retreat House St. Jude Retreat House St. Jude Retreat House St. Jude Retreat House St. Jude Retreat House St. Jude Retreat House St. Jude Retreat House St. Jude Retreat House


Twin Rivers, located in a quiet, serene village in upstate New York, gives our guests the retreat they need, and allows them to focus on their futures without distraction. The St. Jude Retreat house at Twin Rivers is a beautiful restored Victorian mansion, with a combination of old and new furnishings and amenities, designed from the smallest detail to keep our guests comfortable and allow them the perfect environment for introspection, reflection, and ultimately, planning for the future.

The amenities are plentiful and carefully chosen as means by which our guests can simultaneously maintain healthy habits and fully come to terms with the repercussions of the habits that may be coming between their goals and their reality. Upon arrival, all guests receive a free membership to Alpin Haus Fitness, as we at the St. Jude Retreat house at Twin Rivers believe entirely that a healthy mind is inextricably linked to a healthy body. Keeping with the healthy living theme, guests can also expect full access to a beach volleyball court, horseshoe pit, yoga classes, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

  • Shared and Semi-Private Rooms available
  • Completely Confidential
  • Individualized Program

In addition to what we provide to encourage our guests to live physically healthy lifestyles, we also encourage a healthy social experience at the retreat house as well. We provide many opportunities for every guest to interact with the other guests. Some of these activities may include attending sporting events, sightseeing, attending movies, etc. Each of these events are chosen not only to allow the guest to relax a bit (an important aspect to be sure, given how rigorous our program is) but also as activities intended to supplement many of the readings and exercises found in our program.

At St. Jude's, where we pride ourselves on being different from any rehab facility in the world, "rehab" is something of a misnomer. We are not a rehab, because you are not sick. You do not need to be rehabilitated, because you are perfectly capable of retaking control over your life, you simply need the tools to do so. Through our program, we remind you where those tools are and how they are used, but it is entirely up to you to use them, and how they are used in your unique situation is, again, entirely up to you.

We are not here to tell you how to live your life.How could we possibly know the best way for you to live? We are here to provide support and some guidance, to remind you that, just as drinking and drugging is a choice, so too is stopping. It might not be what our guests are used to hearing, but for the vast majority of them, it is exactly what they need to hear.

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St Jude Twin Rivers Retreat

Twin Rivers Retreat GuestI was 25 years old when I came to the Saint Jude Retreats. I was resistant at first because I was in and out of rehabs since I was 18. After about a week I warmed up to everyone in the house. The teachers were absolutely wonderful people. They took me as like their own. I thought I was never going to get better and I was going to be an addict for the rest of my life. The Saint Jude Retreat Program is truly the best program in the world. It opened my eyes a lot. St. Jude Retreats taught me that I make my own choices and I wasn't diseased. During the program, I received my GED. When I got home, I attended and graduated college. The Saint Jude Retreat House saved my life. I would recommend this program to anybody.

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